Training Hard & A Special Weekend!

What a week!  I started a new training technique to enhance my power and speed. Derek Armah, who works with Wade Harris at Raleigh Personal Training, introduced me to the Vertimax Raptor.  It is a resistance-based machine used by track, basketball and football players to increase quickness, agility and endurance.  


Exercises with the Vertimax include vertical jumps, broad jumps, box jumps and lunges.  We also use it to simulate swim strokes and kicks for added resistance. It is an amazing workout over the course of an hour! We decided to add an extra workout and go to 4 per week (2 Vertimax sessions and 2 strength training sessions).  


On Thursday, Eric and I headed to The University of Virginia for the weekend to attend my nephew’s graduation.  We were so excited to be part of the celebration and proud of his accomplishment!  We were fortunate to have beautiful weather and enjoyed some amazing meals with family and friends.  Thanks to Coach Silver's connection with UVA Head Coach Augie Bush, I was able to practice at the UVA pool on Friday morning.  Although most of the UVA team was competing in Charlotte last weekend at the Arena Pro Series meet, Assistant Coach Cory Chitwood trained me along with another UVA swimmer.  Coach Chitwood provided a couple of good pointers on my start, so I was glad I made the time to get a swim in during the trip.


In addition to the graduation festivities, a few other happenings made the weekend special.  My Mom’s birthday was on Friday and Eric and I celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary on Saturday.  We even found time to cheer on American Pharoah to victory in the Preakness.   Can’t wait to see if he will become the first horse since 1978 to win the Triple Crown!  



Brooks's UVA Graduation Weekend - May 2015    Eric Braun, Macy Mears, Brooks Mears, and Erika Braun

Brooks's UVA Graduation Weekend - May 2015    Eric Braun, Macy Mears, Brooks Mears, and Erika Braun